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Dynamic power factor controller (fast) DCRG8F

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Dynamic power factor controller (fast) DCRG8F

LOVATO Electric completes its range of power factor controllers with the new DCRG8F controller dedicated to dynamic power factor correction.
The DCRG8F is designed to meet the requirements of a dynamic power factor correction for applications where the reactive load varies rapidly over time and a quick correction must be applied.
Some applications are: welding machines, presses, moulding machines, etc...

General characteristics

  • LCD graphic display with backlighting, 10 languages
  • Flush mounting 144x144mm
  • 8 static integrated outputs, expandable up to 24
  • Expandable with EXP …modules (inputs, outputs, communication port, data memory)
  • IR front optical port
  • Dedicated to the dynamic power factor correction through the control of thyristor modules
  • Alarm diagnosis
  • Wide range of rated voltage measurements
  • 3 current inputs for current transformers with secondary 5A or 1A
  • Measurements in TRMS (True Root Mean Square)
  • Voltage and current harmonic content analysis up to 31st order
  • Balanced use of steps with same power rating
  • Panel over-temperature protection via internal sensor
  • GSM/GPRS modem
  • Software compatibility SAM1, XPRESS, SYNERGY
  • Programming from front keyboard, PC or smartphone or tablet with App.

Certifications and compliance

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